The Body Politic Final Projects

Final Assignments — Winter 2021

In the course The Body Politic, students have to complete a final assignment of their choosing, worth 25% of their grade (after submitting a short proposal). The only constraint is that it has to somehow deal with the themes of the course, and that the work involved should be roughly equivalent to a 2500 word essay.

Students are also given opportunities to share their work in different ways. Some of the members of the class in Winter 2021 have offered to share their work here. Note: some of these are password protected and accessible only to students in the class.

Shaza Elnour — Happy Feet

In this photo essay, Shaza Elnour “highlights the joyous communion of Black, African and Afro-Caribbean communities” through photographs and a reflection on joy (and dance!) as acts of radical reclamation. View the photo essay and the project brief at

Robain Imran — Nazukh Khoon (Fragile Blood)

Nazukh Khoon (Fragile Blood) is an art piece made with graphite on a series of canvasses, with red acrylic, glass, and 24k gold gilding. The work reflects on metaphors of blood in relation to honour killings in Pakistan and its relationship to caste systems. View it here.

Shivani Kaup — The Strings that Pull Us

This drawing and artists’ reflection address themes of invisibility, exclusion, and citizenship through the artist’s memory of encountering a homeless girl while visiting family in India. View it here.